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Megan O' Shea Megale

As President and CEO of Megale Public Relations, Megan began her marketing career working for Johnson and Johnson, selling a laser scalpel for open-heart surgery, and transitioned into the biotech world working for the elite Genzyme Genetics in their reproductive/infertility division.


After spending 22 years in the medical field, she applied her skills to the most important job of her career. A mother of three, Megan’s youngest daughter was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a debilitating neuromuscular disorder, confining her to a wheelchair. After finding a diary her daughter Shea had written in, six stories emerged about the adventures of Shea’s assistance dog Mercer. Megan saw the opportunity and capitalized on it, utilizing her marketing, public relations, branding, and business skills. The stories entitled “Marvelous Mercer,” were published as a three-book series.  They quickly rose in popularity through Megan’s use of strategic partnerships and her analysis of the unique strengths of the brand. Megan approached and successfully partnered with several major Wall Street Firms, and succeeded in gaining their sponsorship as well as donations from their clients in need of philanthropic entities. The Marvelous Mercer book and stuffed product were launched at FAO Schwarz in Manhattan along with Amazon, Build a Bear, and Target to name a few. She possesses an acute understanding of the power of social media and marketing, both in the selling and the placement of product for a multi-million-dollar return.


Megan has immense corporate experience in marketing, fully understanding how to add strategic value to marketing, event planning and/or execution, partnerships, sponsors, and a cutting edge intuition for longevity of a brand.


Megale Public Relations has tripled in size both in clients and staffing.  Clients include Morgan Stanley, UBS, Darryl Strawberry, GRYYT, Kinecho, Alex Rodrigues, Mike Tyson, “The Voice” and many other exciting brands.  Megan is the asset. She demands a presence, knows how to position expertly, and understands the dynamics of putting a deal together. Her savvy and humor make her dynamic to work with and her expertise unparalleled.


Megan has lectured at NYU, sits on the Board at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, and is a native New Yorker.


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2010 - present

2010 - present

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