The Minnow Project​


Megale Public Relations knows how difficult that can be.  The Minnow Project

originated one year ago to address the smaller client with the same desire to succeed as the bigger client, but with a minimal budget.  It originated in the spirit of all the wonderful mentors that guided us in our inception phase.

The Minnow Project team undertakes six businesses a month, and mentors them with an affordable public relations strategy that will help launch the business or create the momentum that it lacks.

These case studies undergo a robust critique from our team that begins with branding and ends with focused plan of action.


​We will give you the tools to get you started, point out the 6 pr mistakes small businesses make, teach you how to write a press release that gets you noticed, and book a media appearance for you.


Now these are the parameters.  You must have a website, a business strategy, and must have receivables less than $1,000 per month at time of acceptance.

Please also be patient.  If we we accept your application, we will begin working with you as soon as we have an open slot.

Submit your application request today!









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